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Football, Shmootball

February 4, 2011

Since the devastating defeat of the Falcons, my interest in football has been zippo. Nada. Less than nothing. I put so much faith and support into the incredible duo of Roddy and Ryan, I have nothing more to give.

I miss them.

However others out there are still paying attention to this year’s Super Bowl. When the Packers and the Steelers battle it out in Dallas this Sunday, I’m sure I’ll be at some party, watching the commercials and critiquing the halftime show. Because that’s the impact of the Super Bowl on American culture, it creates conversation.

Pre-Super Bowl conversation starts months before the actual game. Which teams are deserving and which teams will make it, what company has paid a ridiculous amount for thirty seconds of air time, what crazy group has been picked to perform during halftime. I’ve heard opinions from my Spanish professor, my doctor, my roommates, Conan O’Brien, and many others. And if you completely ignore the Superbowl, you’ll be outside all conversation for the next week as others discuss the ridiculous commercials, the celebrities, the terrible halftime show performance, how the defeated team choked, and that one amazing play that blew everybody’s mind.

As for me, I’m only really interested in football games when I am passionate about a team. So since neither the 49ers (where I was born) nor the Falcons (where I live now) are playing, I really couldn’t care less what happens during the game.

Next year, Roddy.

(I lived in Houston too, but I refuse to cheer for the Houston Texans. COME ON. What kind of a name for a team is that? Just the laziest I’ve ever heard. It makes me physically angry.)

There is one more thing that might get me interested in the game. If there was a standout player that was beyond crazy and might do anything at a moment’s notice, I would totally be more excited to watch. You all should know who I’m talking about: Chad Ochocinco. I don’t even care what other’s opinions are, Ochocinco makes me laugh. I could watch him celebrate touchdowns everyday.

So if you ask me if I how I feel about football this year, I’ll have only one thing to say:

(Matty Ice and Roddy) (Awesome Flip) (Child, Please)

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