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Off the Coast of Ibiza…

February 25, 2011

I’ve been feeling a tad extravagant lately with no conceivable outlet, so this week’s blog topic is right up my alley.

A dinner party wherever, whenever, with whoever and whatever I want. Here we go.

What:Yacht Party. Go big or go home.

Where: Off the coast of Ibiza which is an island off the coast of Spain. So beautiful it hurts. Plus, SPAIN!

Food: Seafood of course! Oyster, sushi, and all the rest. Champagne in excess, most definitely. And a banana daiquiri for my friend, Katie, for reasons that do not need to be discussed.

Because: I can’t imagine a yacht party for any reason other than for fun. To celebrate life and the fact that everyone in attendance can afford to go to a yacht party.

Entertainment: Each other’s company, mostly! Oh yeah, and being on a YACHT! What more do you need? Although I could definitely go for a nice little four piece band and a dance floor. Maybe the band has a little sixties rock going on, something in the vein of Chubby Checker. Generally, just something that will make you dance like Ferris:

At My Table: This is the big question. With four spaces left at my table, who do I invite? After brainstorming through  a ton of different scenarios, I decided I would invite people who I would most enjoy spending time with. That is the point of a yacht party, isn’t it? (Isn’t it? I wouldn’t know.)

1. Jack McBrayer. For those of you who don’t watch 30 Rock, Jack plays the most adorable, hilarious character on the show, Kenneth Parcell. And solely from the late night interviews I have seen with him, I am fairly certain that he is my favorite person. With his megawatt smile and southern accent, he must be a hoot and a half to sit next to at a party. Just give me until dessert and he and I will be BFFs.

2. Margaret Atwood. My favorite author. I highly and one thousand percent recommend everything she has ever written. Most of her novels are what she calls “speculative fiction” and will do serious damage to the way you think. An incredibly intelligent lady, she is also so witty! She uses twitter and wrote a cool little article on why she loves it so. I would just love to hear her talk, even about ordinary subjects discussed at a dinner party. Even though I do not believe anything Margaret Atwood discusses would be less than completely engrossing.

3. Lucille Ball. I have loved Ricky and Lucy Ricardo for as long as I can remember. I know the Vitameatavegamin pitch backwards and forwards. Everything that lady does cracks me up. One of my favorite moments was when she got stuck in a freezer; it has me hysterical every time. I think having Lucille Ball attend anything would push that event up a few notches in awesome.

4. Colin Morgan. I feel a little silly putting this in my blog for class, but I couldn’t not have Colin Morgan come to my dinner party. As my roommate and I worked our way through the past season of Merlin (don’t judge), Colin Morgan worked his way into my heart. His good-natured character totally won me over, not to mention his big goofy ears for which I am a total sucker (don’t ask me why, I have no idea).

Plus, I already have a Southerner, a Canadian, and a New Yorker at my table. What kind of party would it be without some sort of charming accent? Colin’s Northern Irish cadence would add a great deal of charisma to an already wonderfully charismatic bunch!

The Rest: The rest of the guests would surely be made up of my lovely roommates, and my crazy friends. I can think of no better people to enjoy a groovy yacht party with. As long as they don’t embarrass me in front of Colin Morgan.

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  1. February 25, 2011 8:11 pm

    I definitely agree with having the dinner party on a yacht off the coast of Ibiza! That’d be so much fun and it definitely would be entertainment in itself! I said the same thing in my blog about partying in the tropics somewhere on a private island! Great Ideas and I like the picture of Ferris dancing! Very original!

  2. February 25, 2011 9:24 pm

    I really liked your location. It is a very beautiful place. Can i pleas be one of your guests?

  3. Brooklyn permalink
    February 28, 2011 5:30 am

    I love your reason for having the party. Why else would one need a yacht party, after all?
    I’m also super-interested in Margaret Atwood now. I started to read one of her books a while ago but got distracted. I’d certainly like to pick it back up now!


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