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Teenage Wasteland

March 31, 2011

I waited until I was in a good mood to write about this week’s topic, which took a while due to the perpetual rain and cold in Statesboro and my inability to get even half a night of sleep.

The gloomy weather across Georgia is complementary to how I feel about Teen Mom.

I waited because, given the mood I was in, my blog post about shows like Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant would consist mainly of  complaining about dumb girls doing dumb things on dumb shows. But I don’t want to write like  that because it’s mean and because I wouldn’t have any facts to back it up.

I’ve never seen a full episode of either show in my life. I’ve watched parts of 16 and Pregnant with my friends and have tried to watch Teen Mom, but gave up after I realized it was a full hour of nonsense. I don’t see how so many of my friends love it when it does nothing but stir feelings of rage and disbelief in me that usually result in yelling at the TV.


Even so, I don’t believe the “reality” shows glamorize teen pregnancy, but neither do they disapprove. It’s just there. The girls that the shows revolve around might have become famous, but, to my knowledge, the people who follow these teen moms don’t idolize them, they point and laugh. For example, one of the Teen Moms, Amber, frequently beats the living daylight out of her fiance, Gary, enough to earn herself a nice little domestic abuse charge.  Que the hundreds of youtube videos of the fight set to Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me with your Best Shot.” These girls aren’t looked up to, they’re made fun of.


And what gets me angry the most? The dudes. These girls are way too into douche bags and losers. They are the reason why I can’t watch the show. Every time a girl just accepts the fact that her boyfriend or fiance would rather work on his car then see his baby, or every time some chick gets a wildly mean text and just cries about it, my eyes roll so far back into my head that I can see my brain.

THAT’S what we should be worrying about in regards to the repercussions of watching this show. Not that it might glamorize teen pregnancy, or make trashy girls role models, or even that it gives the impression that all Southerners are gross, ignorant rednecks with accents as thick as Amber’s fiance (am I right in reading that one of the girls’ boyfriend is her stepbrother?!). We should be concerned that it promotes jerk boyfriends and losers who don’t find it necessary to have a job even though they have a baby.



If the Braves hadn’t won their Opening Day game in a beautiful, beautiful way, even writing this post would send me into a swirling mess of exasperation.

But they didn’t and it was lovely, and I just wanted everyone to know that.


Thanks guys.

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